2023 Ready; Growth Happens, Turn your mistakes into worthy experiences in 2023!


We conceived Dunvale Court 1 in 2017 in Lagos, Nigeria. Like many of our ideas, it was an estate that gave residents access to the basics and of course, we delivered.

Before the delivery, we stepped into the daunting task of conceptualizing and developing the 33 terraces and 18 flats that make up the estate, something we had never done before in an area that was bordered by a canal with sparse vegetation. And 5 years later, coming back to Dunvale Court 1 for a stakeholders meeting to discuss with the 51 real residents who have lived in the estate for 3 years was quite surreal for my team and I.

Our discussions were around current challenges and the way forward in the light of general infrastructure, electricity, improved water and basic estate issues. What struck most about this visit was the fact that when starting something, when envisioning a project, no one may be around you. But then people will gradually buy into your vision, that same vision that was lonely from the beginning.

What you do when no one is watching is super important all through the journey of conceptualising. It is what would give you the faith and courage to carry on.

Mistakes may be made but ultimately, the vision would be delivered for real people to receive it.
What is important is that you learn from your mistakes and shape them into worthy experiences.
Communicate them to marshal your ideas. If you mean well, be responsible for issues that arise, and be professional and execute with integrity and it will be the beginning of all the greatness you ever dreamt.

Happy New Year in advance!

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Devon Court GRA

Devon Court GRA is located on Esugbayi street in the heart of the capital of Lagos state, Ikeja, and within the Government Reserved Area (G.R.A).

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