Ace Apartments

6 no 3 bed, 7 No 2 bed and 3 no 1-bed flats.

Ebute metta , Lagos


Ace apartment is an upscale mix of 1 bed /2 bed and 3 bedroom apartments within the ebute metta area of Lagos mainland. An area undergoing a rapid change in culture, regeneration, and general uplift. With the crossroads of urban planning of the area. Circulation is extremely easy.

Major features causing these rapid changes are :
1. The recent train terminal that commutes passengers currently from Ibadan and Abeokuta. When completed this will be a connection point for more states in the country.

2. Ebutte metta, yaba area being an IT hub. There is the attraction of young entrepreneurs and start-ups lurking around for proper upscale accommodation.

3. It’s proximity to the 3 rd mainland bridge which is basically less than a minute drive as it’s a link to Victoria island.

4. The cereal nature of the area to other parts of Lagos.

Ace apartments is the first of a series and that is why there was additional attention to this project.

Amenities at ace apartments 1 include.

1. Rooftop relaxation spot
2. Gym
3. 18-24 the power supply
4. Coworking space
5. 24 hrs surveillance