Consciously Seeing The Woman as A Builder.

Today is International Day for Women and we are celebrating the priceless contributions of women across the globe. Women have been trailblazers since the formation of the world and women have suffered effect of wars and deliberate suppression from some of society’s cruel people. 

The place of the woman is beyond any description. Over the years, there have been conscious efforts to remove whatever label that hung on women; that made the role of the woman prescriptive. Any woman can become anything she wants to become and we are one of those organizations who are supporting women in all the creative ways that we can. 

As a company, HomeWork has opened its doors to talented people who are committed to the delivery of quality services in the construction and housing sector. These people can be men or women or repute. And for the years that we have existed as a team, we have worked with some of the most self-driven and accountable women in Nigeria. 

To us, anyone with the right attitude to work, the right sense of purpose, and the right knowledge of construction is our most cherished worker, irrespective of gender. And our work place has been such that no one is stereotyped because of where they come from and the gender they represent. HomeWork sees competence and goes for it. 

As the world marks an important day like this, it is important that we share to the world that Africa has always respected the African women. From Dahomey to Ashanti and the cultures in Nigeria, our women were part of decision making and ran powerful teams in different cultures before the West lifted the veil that kept western women in the dark. Today, it seems like the African woman is not growing as exponential as her counterpart in Europe and that is because of the huge responsibility that is heaped on the woman. 

If we consciously see women more for all they are doing, and we give them necessary time from work to balance family and work place pressure, these women will perform beyond whatever we ever thought was possible. Men and women need to support the woman. The job is to consciously support women across the globe the way they support the men in the society. We owe women reward because a system that celebrates and rewards is a system that is progressive. 

Happy International Women’s Day!

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