Constructing Love!

Nothing makes us more humane than the love we share for each other, for animate and inanimate things. In February, as the world celebrates love, we, as a construction firm, we celebrate that love too but with more focus and dedication on the foundation of things.

Just like in construction, the foundation is paramount and greatly responsible for stability. With a firm foundation, the construction of a house is secure. With love, if the foundation is appropriate, love thrives without hindrance. We encourage you to find steadfast love and give steadfast love.

At HomeWork, we are a team that’s looking at housing problems in Nigeria with an entirely new perspective. The perspective of affordability is one designed to fit the troubling economy of Nigeria. We put love into our constructions.

It is through our dedication to work and for the love we have for it that we can see that civil servants barely break even. If more people can afford durable shelter through us and through some of our programmes, we must have achieved our toughest task.

To achieve durable and affordable housing without compromising standards, we design smart and beautiful houses that may not be bogus but in the simplicity of the designs with affordability in mind, it encompasses all the necessary features that make a functional home.
Love makes a functional home.

We constantly look around the world to review housing projects and systems that are working and adopt it in Nigeria at our project sites. The Nigerian weather could be hot but with applications of sensitive materials, and the right engineering, we can handle these problems to a great extent without necessarily costing more. Only love for our clients can do this .

HomeWork is that thriving firm that you should consider. And because we work with love, we encourage you to embrace love this February.

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Devon Court GRA

Devon Court GRA is located on Esugbayi street in the heart of the capital of Lagos state, Ikeja, and within the Government Reserved Area (G.R.A).

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