63 years ago, concerned young Nigerians who were tired of the ruling of the Brits sat in series of meetings with representatives of the British government to discuss possibilities of self-governance. They debated on self-growth and the reasons for the different regions that made up Nigeria to explore their own strengths and build something unique. These Nigerians were educated around the world but they were nationalists by heart and actions and their tribes and ethnicities were not the prime factor but the need to prosper as a unit. The nationalists were eager to see the growth of one of West Africa’s promising young nation, after Ghana and they ensured independence happened. 

It has been 63 years of trying to run with that vision, of harnessing our collective strengths to build a nation that would restore the dignity of the African man and forge a future where the younger generation would be proud to call home. This drive for unity has triumphed when sectionalism and war tried to tear the country apart, barely seven years after it gained independence. Nigeria has continually fought powers from within and outside that have threatened its unity and growth. 

As a company, Home Work Group has learned from the resilience of Nigeria, the way it keeps making progress, empowering its citizens to go out there and conquer. And despite all that threatens it, it is a key player in the modern world and its cultures. When its footballers are not thriving, the athletes are winning medals. When the students are not excelling in international universities, shattering century old records, the music keep attracting the world to its centre one dance step at a time. As a company, we have learned to keep winning despite the storms of economic instability and political bottlenecks. 

Nigeria is a big lesson and there is no doubt that its pattern of growth, though unique and challenging, has been a case study for a lot of economists out there who had predicted that the country would have broken into uncountable pieces for its diversities. The unison that Nigerians employ when a member of the society is maltreated, and the strength its young people develop when they are harassed are some of the best examples of a people forging for themselves a meaningful future. 

As we celebrate 63 years, while it may sound old, Nigeria is one of the youngest countries in the world compared to western countries that have existed for more than two centuries. Nigeria is trying daily to get it right. It multi ethnic groups and languages have become its strength instead of weaknesses. The number of its people scattered around the world have sold its cultures across the world so that Nigerian delicacies are sought after. 

We want to be highly sought after as a company, like the Nigerian-ness of today and this is why we are proud to celebrate 63 years with Nigeria. We will get it right at Home Work Group because we believe that every mistake and correction only prepares us for the best. 

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria! 

May your citizens not lose faith and the courage to continually build! May we be proud of our uniqueness always! 

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