Almond 1: BERA Estate, Lekki, Lagos State.
The Almond series was conceptualized as a set of 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom contemporary clusters around the chevron Lekki axis. .

A cluster of open-plan style mixture of lofts and flats. It is designed to replicate what is seen in mores like New York, London, developed cities and parts of Europe. The almond series is designed to change the living style for smaller accommodations.

Almond 1, as a pioneer in the almond series, has been fully completed. Sitting on approximately 1000 sqm. Almond 1 consists of 2 No 1-bedroom lofts, 2 No two-bedroom lofts, and 8 No 2-bedroom flats. Location: B.E.R.A Estate Chevron drive Features: Green area, serviced with dedicated power, security, and water supply. Status: Completed Q1 2022.

Almond 2: Orchid Road, Lekki
24 No 2 bedroom flats

Almond 3: Orchid Road, Lekki
20 no 2 bedroom flats Designed on a corner piece 1200 sqm lot. Almond 3 consists of 2 identical blocks on two suspended floors comprising 10—no 2-bedroom apartments with an open-plan kitchen concept. Location: Orchid Road, Chevron Features: Dedicated power/water, central sewage, CCTV surveillance, and 24-hour security. Status: Roofing stage with completion Q3 2024

Almond 4 : Off Lekki Conservation Road Chevron
16 No 2 bedroom flats Almond 4 A 3-suspended floor 16-unit cluster of 2 bedrooms Flats. Almond 4 stands tall along the conservation road near the widespread nature park (conservation center). Location: Conservation Road Chevron Features: Gym, dedicated water and power supply, central sewage & 2 carparks per unit. Status: Completion Q1 2024

Almond 5 : Atlantic View Estate
12 no 2 bedroom flats,Almond 5: In the heart of a serene beachfront estate (Atlantic View Estate). Almond 5 is a cluster of 12 no. 2-bedroom apartments. Off Aloha Beach Road, the estate is close to Twin Lakes Chevron Estate, Chevron headquarters, Alpha Beach, and several notable landmarks. Location: Atlantic View Estate, Aloha Beach Road, Chevron. Features: 24-hour surveillance, CCTV, security &2 carparks per unit. Status: Completion Q4 2024


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