The Sure-Foundation!

The foundation of a construction project has to be solid. It is non-negotiable that it should be without blemishes. If the foundation is not solid, there would be chaos during and after construction. It is the reason why we do everything humanly possible at HomeWork Group to find a good land to build on, and test it to ensure that it can withstand whatever structure that is proposed on the land. Sometimes strong piles are drilled into the core of the earth so that presssure and dead load do not affect the structure.

In this season of remembering the sacrifices of Jesus Christ, the sure-foundation of the Christian faith, we, at HomeWork Group, are urging our Christian friends to always remember that faith in Christ makes the foundation solid and fit for whatever structure that may be developed in your life.
Remembering the sacrifices on the cross; the death and resurrection of Jesus, and ensuring that you are staying grateful, and also extending such kindness as exhibited by Christ to the people around you makes you a fine example of a practicing Christian!

Happy Easter from all of us at HomeWork Group!

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Devon Court GRA

Devon Court GRA is located on Esugbayi street in the heart of the capital of Lagos state, Ikeja, and within the Government Reserved Area (G.R.A).

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