Dotun’s Experience (A Facility Management Story)


“Dotun lived in Excel estate. His gate was always opened for him by the security guard, or he used his remote when no one was on duty. There were also security cameras around the house, and they had constant electricity. One day, he closed late from work and had to drive home late into the night; on getting home, he saw that the lights at his gate were switched off, the gates were wide open, and there was no one in the security area. Dotun quickly called the safety line of the facility managers and got a dial tone. He entered the security area and saw a letter the security men had addressed to the facility managers. The summary of the letter showed a long line of accusations and grievances made by the security men to the facility managers. They had quit and left, and there was no one to safeguard. Dotun was angry because his area had become notorious for armed robbery. As he made to leave the security house, he heard a gunshot.”

What is Facility Management? This umbrella covers the coordination, effective management, utilization, and functionality of real estate buildings and estates. It includes tasks like maintenance, security, space planning, and ensuring the well-being of the occupants.

Who are those involved in Facility Management: The facility managers are the primary people involved in facility management. They are tasked with ensuring the overall well-being of the facilities under them, which they do in line with their organization’s goals and objectives. Their tasks include sourcing the contacts and contracts for cleaning, security, technological appliances, and more. 

There are also two types of Facility Management. They are Hard Facility Management, which deals with installing and repairing physical assets like pumping, electricity, carpentry, elevator, etc. Soft Facility Management, which deals with analysis and data collection.

Functions of a Facility Manager: A facility manager is a person who is in charge of the day-to-day activities and overall running of a facility. The position is a full-time one and requires a very organized mind. Some of the functions include: 

  • Building maintenance
  • Data and mail management
  • Anticipate and prevent breakdowns
  • Supervise cleaning and maintenance staff
  • Ensure health, safety, and security measures

Skills of a Facility Manager: A facility manager must have the following skills to ensure excellent and effective facility management.

  • Great communication skill
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Good negotiation skill
  • Leadership qualities
  • Technical and maintenance skill
  • Team and time management skills

How to prevent Facility mismanagement: A facility manager must take note of the following to prevent what happened to Dotun.

  • Conduct routine inspections
  • Build great vendor relationship
  • Develop regular emergency checks
  • Create training and feedback programs
  • Make use of sustainable practices
  • Have realistic budgets 

In conclusion, facility managers and facility management need strict organization and outstanding analytical skills. It also is an essential aspect of building and real estate management. Facility management, therefore, requires anyone involved to have the necessary skills demanded for it.

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