NIGERIA @ 62 : Our Commitment to Nation Building, 1 Sqm at a Time.

To us at Home Work Group, independence means a lot of things because we are into enabling hard working men and women take their personal independence to the next level. To every grown human, independence means sovereignty in their own safe space. And when an adult is sovereign from a mental space, it translates to a need for a well-built, well secured private residence from where he can shape his own world with his family and friends and also interact.

As Nigeria marks 62 years since it began a journey of nation building using its own hands, resources and blueprints, harmonizing the territories that were quickly annexed by the colonial powers for personal gains, one must agree that we have come a long way as a people of diverse culture but with a singular purpose of maximizing our unity. There have been progress and there have been fatal clashes that claimed lives but because no one has given up on Nigeria yet, we are on that path of hope and we would do our best to support the growth of the most populous black nation in the world.

When Nigerians travel outside Nigeria and think that they have escaped the Nigerian tag, they do not understand the reality. This is so because the mark of Nigeria’s inadequacy does not rest on one person or tribe; it is what we collectively carry, rich or poor, educated or not. And if we collectively protect and enable Nigeria’s success story, we would be given a treat that is worth our efforts by these foreign bodies. Nigeria is Nigeria not by landmass but by the beautiful humans who may have diverse cultural root but are united by this sheer force of nation building. With communal strengthening, even the weakest of us would feel stronger. And what is communal strengthening without a roof over your head?

62 years may sound like so much until you understand that when dealing with humans, even a million years is like the beginning. Our earth is 4.543 billion years old and it is still not perfect. Every day, the current breeds of humans who inhabit earth make efforts to create conducive environment for growth. We, at Home Work Group, are glad that we are not left out of that process of building nations, 1 Sqm at a time and effecting the idea of giving shelter to the humans of Nigeria and anyone who cares to live here.

As we mark 62 years so far as a country, we are sure that by the time we hit 70 years and more, we would have a Nigeria that would have addressed its human capital challenges and the issue of affordable housing would not be a problem because the government and private developers would come together to create a system that we would all take pride in. Our growth may be slow but we are not losing faith in how we can become part of the greater Nigeria that is coming. We are helping to build this greater tomorrow.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

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