Design is a process of recreating a conceived idea into a format mostly interpreted in a visual manner for all stake holders to see and appreciate.

“ In Architecture, as in life, upon a thorough dissection and understanding of a problem, therein lies the solution laid bare, beautiful in its simplicity and logic… ”

Chima Emerueh

Implementation on the other hand, is the process of transforming this visual representation (normally in the form of drawings plans) into reality. This is done through a monitoring process that brings every detail and element on drawings to full execution.

There is a close relationship between design and implementation which can ultimately be described as an integrated system.

Design is a process represented by detailed plans and specifications, and in most cases requires the consideration of all practicalities and compliance with industry standard. The design process must consider factors such as aesthetics, budget, structure, regulations, climate, weather and security, to create a wholistic design. This can be achieved by the incorporation of design principles such as balance, unity, movement, emphasis, contrast, space and alignment.

In implementation, care has to be taken to adhere to the stipulated design, considering all the details required to ensure a fidelity to the creative process. Good and effective design implementation entails innovatively thinking outside the box, to bring a design to life in a realistic/practicable form.
Furthermore, the experience level of the professionals involved in any given project must be gauged to ascertain they are the right fit to implement the design effectively.
It takes a professional project manager to identify the professionals with the right skill level for a project.
The implementation phase can either make or mar the execution of a project so it must be carefully considered to ensure the efficient execution of a project.

Design and implementation are the two core stages of every construction project and they complement each other. They are the pillars on which the entire project ideally rests upon so they must be solid enough to bear the weight.

Homework Group Africa, we have an array of professionals in charge of every project from design to effective implementation and we deliver only the very best.

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