Construction work can be likened to a bulb of onions, with multiple layers. For every layer, you need all hands on deck to achieve desired results. Ideally, these hands on deck are professionals well-versed in their fields.
The construction industry focuses on the ideation, creation and maintenance of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They also work on creating and maintaining structures such as roads, bridges and utility systems.
To give you a wholistic view of the construction process, we have compiled a list of top professionals you must include in your construction project. They include:

  1. Architects:

As the head of the design team ,choosing the right architect is critical to bringing the ideas into drawing form and furthermore to final implementation .

They carry the main responsibility of leading the entire team all the way to the end . Starting from the selection of the entire team members .

The role of an experienced architect is generallly underestimated and they need to be involved in the entire process to ensure full compliance .

  1. Structural engineer :

Designing the structural drawings and thoroughly supervising its implementation on site is essential for the stability and longevity of any project .

This responsibility spans through the foundation stage up until roofing . While following the architects framework to maintain its aesthetics .

It is also important that this process is designed and supervised by a registered and experienced structural engineer to detail . As this is the key to preventing structural defects and collapse in extreme cases .

The structural engineer is and will always play a vital role in a project team .

  1. Quantity surveyor :
    A quantity surveyor is in charge of creating the estimated cost for projects ahead of commencement .

The role of the Qs is also to follow through the actual cost while the project is ongoing and constantly comparing with the estimated cost .

The qs is also involved in assessing tenders and final selection of contractors based on cost.

They are also generally appointed as Project managers because of their role in controlling the budget .

  1. Construction Managers: Construction managers, sometimes also called project managers, plan, coordinate and oversee all aspects relating to a construction project. The duties of a construction manager vary based on the size of the project and whether they are working alongside other managers but can include hiring and training all workers and subcontractors, creating project timelines and worker schedules, coordinating daily activities for all workers, negotiating project costs, communicating project progress updates to clients, ensuring everyone on the job site works together as a team and supervising all workers to ensure the project remains compliant, on schedule and within the budget.
  2. Geotechnical Engineer :
    A soil test is an essential process that defines the structural design on any given site. A thorough analysis of this is done by a geotechnical engineer as this dictates the path that the structural engineer will follow through the design process .

An error at this initial stage affects the entire project .

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