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Welcome to the month that foreruns December. An older relative would tell me that to know the taste of Christmas, all one needs to do is to perceive November – its aroma is a testament to what would come. November is that testing ground that reveals how beautiful or not-so-beautiful December would be; he would chime. Sadly, as interesting as these words may seem, they are the items of undue pressure and panic within hard-working people. Does it mean that nothing else will go well in December if something doesn’t go well these days?

Like every other month in the year, the building block of surviving November is persistence with your excellent work and staying in control of yourself, your mind, and your body. Persistence in your career and refusal to let the pressure of December get to you is the ultimate winning trick.

Ordinarily, in Africa, especially Nigeria, when the calendar clocks November, many people come under renewed and intense pressure to achieve things. Suddenly, they want a new car, to impress villagers with more clothes, and to show that the year has been good. They begin to feel pushed to tick off from their lists the items that they have successfully carried over for many years. This singular act of trying to fit so much quickly makes people seek magical means to reach their goals.

Fraudsters use this medium to sell cheap and silly magical ideas to the desperate ones, with a return on investment that can’t be true, even in fiction. And because most people are bent on doing the right thing and betting on their fears, irrespective of the risks involved, they invest their savings or faith in something they should ordinarily question. These things turn around to hurt them for the bulk part of their lives.

An injury that is sustained in November would not likely be healed the day the month would come to an end. It would likely endure, especially psychologically. And if you are patient enough, there will be many more Novembers to go, and the things you dreamed about will come with time.

To win in November, learn to stay in control of your emotions. One does not need a soothsayer to know that this year has been challenging in Nigeria. The dwindling economy, the political climate, and the chaos of managing a family can drive one into unworthy ventures. 

But the good news is that you have us, people like me, who can still spare scarce time to share that all troubles eventually end. And if you are patient enough to see the end, you would be glad you did not risk your health and resources to pursue Detty December.

November is yours to control. Stay in charge! Stay Calm. Hang around people you love and cherish.

Embrace your family members and loved ones when the pressure rises. 

Share your secrets and experiences with like minds and those who have survived similar challenges when possible! You can refuel when you divert your attention from what puts you under pressure. And when you refuel, you can exhale and see more clearly.

May you find enough courage to relax and refuel in November! You slept and woke up, and the calendar went on a run. Hopes and aspirations flew by so fast they could not get a clearer glimpse of you waving at them. We know that when you stay calm when the pressure is so much, you can think clearly. If you would permit, allow your mind to wander towards all the possibilities next year holds for you and your businesses. If you do not reach the desired destination this year, you may not miss the mark next year. 

November is here, and you can’t avoid it. In short, ignoring it makes it even more powerful. Take part in the month, and if anyone comes to you to ask for your plans for December, let them know that you are liberal with the month and all that will come. When you are liberal, you do not hinge your faith on any vast expectations. You flow. 

At Homework Group, we will continue to reassure your faith and walk with you because you, the client, and the reader, make us who we are. 

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