Protecting the Man Who Protects – International Men’s Day

A man is a lot of things. He is the protector of himself, his family and society. A man is not just a title that one bears without action. Anyone who grows a beard isn’t just a man for the sole purpose. The definition of manliness is not the physical structure but the community value of a human who is strong and courageous, his role in raising a younger generation through inspiring them and encouraging them to work. 

Homework Group was established on this notion of men’s abilities to guard and raise shelter for the people they love and those in their care, whether related by blood or not. With that, many men have become selfless construction workers, erecting structures for society and the human character that drives humanity. 

As the world celebrates the presence of men today and the impact that their company brings, Home Work Group is proud to say that the men who make up its workforce and those who carry out work as contract staff members are indeed the most valuable people out there. And they deserve love and care. 

A man who is on the brink of a mental health disorder cannot lead a society. A man who lacks love cannot give love, and an insecure man can’t provide security for his immediate community. As we celebrate men today, we need to put up structures that protect the man’s sanity and appreciate the love he gives. When these things are in place, it enables a fond and prosperous community. 

African men deserve love and protection so that they can give love and security in return. We have to stop exploiting the presence and the care that men render. 

Happy International Men’s Day from all of us at HomeWork Group.

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